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Repairs and Service Calls

Crystal Clear Digital TV Reception

Your TV antenna is important for your household, school or business in providing crystal clear TV reception for everyone. Just because your existing antenna isn’t working, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be replaced.

Many antennas can be serviced or repaired, often extending their life by many years and saving you money. Advanced Digital TV Antenna Service (ADTAS) offers first class antenna services and tv aerial repairs in Port Stephens, Maitland and Newcastle areas, even if you did not originally purchase your antenna from the company.

Common Antenna Issues

  • Antennas broken or damaged 
  • Incorrect antenna and/or cables
  • Cables broken or damaged
  • Issues with the splitter box
  • Problems within wall outlets
  • Issues with the leads between TV and wall

Reasons for Antenna Issues

  • Weather: storms, wind/gales, hail, heavy rain.
  • Damaged
  • Animals: rodents, birds, pets
  • Trees: overhanging branches
  • New construction: within the area deflecting signal
  • Technical Interference; electrical/electronic
  • Tradesman: other work interference
  • Age: old and deteriorated
  • Inferior product: cheap or substandard antenna

Service Calls & Assessments

In providing the best possible antenna services and repairs, a Advanced Digital TV Antenna Service (ADTAS) technician will need to assess your specific situation during a scheduled appointment and make recommendations from there.

  • Technician is sent to site to assess the situation
  • Full assessment of system, checking connections, tuning etc.
  • Repairs/recommendations made or quoted.
  • There is a nominal Service & Assessment fee for this service.

If possible, we will service or repair your antenna unless it is more cost effective and beneficial to provide a new antenna installation. New antenna installations come with a " 1 year Parts and Labour Warranty* "

* Ask your Advanced Digital TV Antenna (ADTAS) representative for more information.


Advanced Digital TV Antenna Service (ADTAS) has a dedicated and experienced team with over 30 years industry knowledge to back up each technician with additional technical support for tough or unique antenna issues.

Future Proofing

Advanced Digital TV Antenna Service (ADTAS) gives full consideration to the future of your solution and will make recommendations that will save you money and time down the track. With a greater understanding of your system and the best way to ensure its longevity, you can make fully informed decisions.

The Process

Your technician will assess your specific situation and requirements and make recommendations. Once the work is carried out; your TV will be plugged in, tuned and ready to go.


Repairs and Service Calls

Watch TV anywhere; it's cheaper than you thought!

In addition to installing new TV antennas, we also install additional and convenient TV ports for the bedrooms, kitchen, granny flat, patio, kid's rooms, dad’s shed, and almost anywhere you want to watch TV!

It's easier than you thought!

In most cases installing additional TV ports is clean and easy but occasionally your existing cable may need upgrading. It can take 1-2 hours to install the additional TV ports depending on the amount of ports to be installed and your specific system requirements.

A Complete Solution

'While we are here...'

Advanced Digital TV Antenna Service (DTAS) conveniently provides additional TV and phone points on request, as part of a convenient service for you.

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